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The rocks are one small part of the district's overall security plan throwing is more effective than just crawling under the desk and waiting and it gives students and teachers a chance to defend themselves he said so you're going to get so next school year you're going to get your list of school supply you have to get number two pencils you have to get the paper and a notebook and and ten rock you just have to be familiar with where the rocks are kept because the buckets rocks are kept in the classroom closet well that's not gonna help they have to be if they're effective it's the same thing with a gun if a gun is going to be effective you gotta have it handy all right we're gonna have a fight here at you get a gun he gets a bucket iraq's go one one parent said why l at this point we have to get creative we have to protect your kids first and foremost throwing rocks it's an option say jim hey seed boehner candidate this no real story by shit is bills using funny names but it's a real story on his the the superintendents name was not clem david heisel is but it might as well be clinton cadiddlehopper look help on clem cadiddlehopper boater candidate number two he lacked proper parental judgment instagram video showing a father completing a bungee swing jump while holding his two year old daughter god is the subject of a series of serious flack on wine hell in the footage reta ruslana malaysian reality star he's shown standing on a bridge equality kuba barroux he patches two year old daughter on the back reassuringly as a man yells three to one and suddenly the perez lifted backwards off the bridge and the little girl called malcolm kayla clasps onto her father's shoulders instinctively as they drop one hundred ninety six feet into the gorge billow idiot now michaela's father argues she was wearing a safety harness and correct gear but she did not have a helmet he did the adventure company responsible renters adventures also shared a video with a caption every girl may not be queen to her husband but she is always a princess to her father i don't know in response to the.

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