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O'hare, Steve Bertrand, Chicago discussed on Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder


Weather center partly mostly sunny today mild and pleasant seventy seven degrees for a high might be a shower storm tonight late the low sixty three partly to mostly cloudy tomorrow maybe a scattered showers storm possibly gin and a high of seventy nine right now at o'hare at sixty seven midway sixty eight tinley park sixty eight and the lakefront sixty one degrees i'm steve bertrand into wgn newsroom and this is the stuff that matters on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn steve thanks so much it's bill leff it's wendy snyder still to come on the show day neil joins us to talk about food at eleven o five minute eleven thirty five author violet ramos steel she is the daughter of harold ramos one of my favorite ghostbusters egan you and i had him on many years acuna one he was so he seemed so mildmannered and so sweet yeah very interested in boys my kids do it because they watch they love ghostbusters yeah and he just seemed like the nicest guy ever was used to see him in my health club all the time and funny funny guy in such a nice guy sixty nine years old yeah speaking of death wendy i regret to inform you and everybody listening that kathleen dehmlow chunk has passed away yes the age of seventynine we lose lean deadlocked chunk who she is isn't exactly relevant wendy what you need to know is this an obituary has been written about kathleen dehmlow shank that some people are criticizing because they're saying that it is excessively mean shanklin monkey shock the monkey shank is an interesting it'd be a good name if this is an act remember act test where they tell you a story go a good name for this story would be and you'd hear kids go does this say shock the monkey my reading this right chunk the monkey what does that mean chunk hurt days.

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