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We needed it. All right. So let's see this next question we have two questions of with the with the same spirit will say the first part is from Andrew McCabe saw, can be wired for one ten or twenty right now have on one ten I've space my breaker box for two twenty breaker and can add one at no cost would be worth the effort to up my to twenty. Yes aren't simple then move. and. The second part is from Matt and his a little bit more complicated. I? Have three pieces of equipment setup for to forty volt shopper to twenty or whatever I'm getting tired of plugging in and unplugging extension cords because he only has one circuit the lay than the band saw can be wired for one twenty volt and there's a twenty plug right beside each of them. Is there any advantage one way or the other? Will I be giving up power efficiency or durability of equipment if I wear them to one twenty? So what gives? When early three-quarter motors to? One twenty is plenty of tall. So yeah. He's got a three horsepower unit saw and fourteen inch delta with a three quarter inch bands with the three three quarter and a Delta lay the three quarter. Yeah. three-quarter hassle run fine armored, and twenty. You know if he's got a long extension cord in running to forty volt is got a Lotta line lost there to begin with Flo. He's not getting the real advantage of to forty volt circuit, which is Cleaner Power Lor. And along. I've seen situations where somebody has an outlet that's thirty feet from the breaker box, and then they're running twenty five foot extension card on while the power is. Really marginalized by the time he get there because that's an awful lot of wire resistance. Now, if he's switches those tools from to forty, two, one twenty and he's got one twenty outlet close at hand where he can plug directly and without an extension cord and he's got a twenty amp circuit es models a hit. From going with the to forty volt in long extension car. Now, the UNICYCLE is going to have to stay on to forty bolt because you can't run through or on one hundred twenty. Although some companies, still you can run six four star. Remember the vacuum cleaners. Power. Yeah But Yeah. So he would be better off switching those two hundred twenty volt and leaving his unit saw long and you'll be just fine. So. When you switch from two, twenty, two, one twenty or whatever you are drawing more amps, right How does that work? Yeah you're going to be pushing more are kind of like the they always talk about the fire hose. You know if you have to hoses, you can push a lot of. Water through there. If you're limited to one Har- hose, you can't push as much water through it takes more amperage to get that water through. So that's what it's. GonNa do is draw more amperage but if you have a decent like a twelve to wiring or twelve gauge wiring and a twenty amp circuit. That small APP drought that those tools are going to. Pull through they're going to be just fine. Three quarter horses may be going to pull in a tender fifteen. On startup. If it's a good motor and it's going to level off at probably seven or eight apps something like that while it's running. So it's it's you got enough capacity there. That's why you can run through horsepower on one hundred twenty because you don't have big enough wire to allow that much water to get through that hose. So So back in the day when I Was Getting going woodworking and I bought. I read in a fine woodworking magazine written by Roland Johnson. He told me to buy. It's no longer made grizzly. Oh, seven, one, five P.. Hybrid cabinet saw. And and. it could be run. It was a two horsepower motor. It can be run to twenty or one ten, a two horse power. Where's that I- i- wired it up to twenty because came to twenty, nine, hundred West which at the circuit. What do horsepower motor? It's a true to our as far. Motor it is going to pull about fifteen hundred amps Max. Are, fifteen amps Max come watts and so fifteen amps you can get through wire. Natan it's going to work It's right at the cusp of not working but. If, it's a crappy motor in your loaded heavily, you're going to be popping the breaker. Oakland it can be done. If all things equals go to twenty an hour. Okay. Yeah. Exactly. or at least twenty amp or maybe even thirty amp a hundred twenty volt circuits in your shop. That helps 'cause the size of the wires big enough that it can allow that current through. Okay. All Right? Well, I guess it's time for a segment. Mike, do you want to lead off because I'm I am lame and I did not think of something in advance. Sure. Yes. I it's almost favorable of all time for the. Week. But I'm not quite sure. It's GonNa work as well as I. Think it might. So I don't know if I wanNA categories that yet. I've actually doing something in my shop that I haven't done in probably twenty years and that's doing some steam bending. So I ordered a little Erlich steamer from. Lee Valley and I built myself a little steam box, and of course, I broke the rule in I didn't use. Air, dried would was drying or bending some killed right ash and it's always like, yeah, no supposed to. But again, this is GonNa work and then I, bought a compression strap in the new said..

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