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Dot org. That's congressional baseball, dot org. Good morning, it's four 38. Traffic your brother together on the Gates. Let's go to Carlos Ramirez and the WTO traffic center. Thanks, rich, very good morning to you. We'll start off on I two 70, the I two 71st southbound, the accident scene happened along the right side of the roadway basically on the ramp that takes you to democracy boulevard, and because of that, that ramp remains closed, you will not be able to access democracy boulevard from the southbound side of the I two 70 spur. If you're at a northbound, no worries. I 95 looks good. PW Parkway looks great. Down in Virginia, the eastbound side of I 66, the listener informed that there was a disabled vehicle blocking the far right lane just after 28 before getting over towards the fairfax county Parkway. If they are still there, be ready to move over to the left, there is no shoulder there so they can't move over. I 95 northbound in Virginia looks really good right now, no issues from the Fredericksburg area. Through Stafford woodbridge, newington and all the way up towards the Springfield interchange three 95 has been quiet all morning long as well. If you're headed across the 14th street bridge, you are up to speed. In fact, all your area bridges headed into town are looking pretty good, southeast southwest freeway, third street tunnel and New York avenue looking great. If you are headed on the northbound side of surratt's road, it looks like we may have some crash activity going on our correction looks like it's on the northbound side of branch avenue near surratt's road fallen police direction through that area if you happen to see an accident scene. One 8 6 6 three O four WTO is the traffic tip line. For over 35 years in the DMV, Greenberg and betterment has helped tens of thousands of clients who've been hurt in auto accidents or victims of medical malpractice. Visit GB lawyers dot com and feel better. Carlos Ramirez traffic. Thank you, Carlos. Now let's go to storm team four meteorologist Amelia Draper. After nice weather for our 4th of July holiday, the humidity is back on your Tuesday. We're starting off the day to day with temperatures in the mid 60s to low 70s, the sunrise today, right around 5 50 and as it comes up, we'll have sunshine, but clouds build ins throughout the day

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