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Is a sacrament in. No, I lost mind. We are drinking to new life. Tissue have findings baby. Talk about this the story line here. Tissues boyfriend was falsely accused of rape. Give us a sense of of how that plays out. Well during that moment that you just play that audio. That's we learned that a Titian finally have loved each other since they were little kids and finally is like a family member. And these these young lovers find themselves in in a place. That's that's terrifying. But also one of the most beautiful moments of a couple inexperienced together. And. Tisch comes to me to let me know that she's pregnant and she's scared and our mother receives it with open arms and support. And she decides that you know, we're gonna share it with the family, and we're going to celebrate it with the family, and that's what you hear in that moment. You are really the foundation of this household, what did you draw on to make this character? Sharon, come to life. Oh, ju on personal experiences with my grandmother. And my mother my grandmother's definitely she was definitely the matriarch of our family shoes. The woman that, you know, inner church of family friends, always wanted Loretta to be around whenever they were going through anything because she has had the say, my grandmother is not with his anymore. But I speak about her in the present. Because she's always here. You know? I am her. But she has this presence. That is comforting. A my mother embodies that same thing. So pulling on just that feeling that I've always felt as a child as a mother being part of a family that is very supportive and also just recognizing that it's very rare to see ourselves in. Cinema or on television, where the mother and father is in the home and loving on each other and creating space for their children to thrive, and that was just so important to me to get that right to represent that. Honestly. And I think it was the same that I think it was the same for Coleman KiKi Antion a-, and defined that we we knew we had a responsibility to bring an honest portrayal to the rivers, family and Fani. James Baldwin wrote Beale street in nineteen seventy four but the issues that the book highlights about race. And rape and mass incarceration are still very much a part of our national discourse today, Regina king. How do you see this film fitting into the context of those conversations today? Will is interesting. I mean it James Baldwin his just he has been such an eloquent voice for America. You know, you know, of course, he is a black man. And he was speaking with right? Many essays about the systemic injustices that occur against black Americans. But you know, one of his the thing that's so beautiful about him is as he would write and speak with so much fire. He has so much love. I mean, one of his quotes that I think is represent two. He is the most who he was as he said, we can disagree and still love each other unless you're disagreement is rooted thinking, my oppression that denial of my humanity and right to exist. And it's interesting that he said that so long ago, but yet we're still in so many different ways, you know, even just I don't wanna get into politics. But just we still have a problem. Understanding the difference between disagreement and oppression. And that's just really frustrating and sad. But. I feel blessed to be part of a piece of art. That is. Representation of how far we haven't come. Let me get a listener in here from New Orleans who has a question for you. Regina, king male. You're on the air. Welcome to unpleasant with Regina king. Hi, thank you so much for taking my call. I'm Regina, can I just wanted to tell you that was. Yeah, I really enjoyed that film. And and thank you for making that making that a performance, I had a question about the way that the film ended, and you know, one of the things that I found most painful and poignant about that film was how it didn't really have a concise ending, and that kind of spoke to I guess, the perpetual nature of nothing cars ration-, how it really doesn't have an ending do you? I guess maybe it's more have any any comment on on that aspect of the film? Yes. Absolutely. Thank you. Excuse me. That was a wonderful choice that very Jenkins made..

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