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So he came back here. For a hot minute. Even though Al Davis Said. If you go back to Denver, you're not getting the $250,000 that I believe Mike is still load from the Raiders. I don't think he's ever going to get that Mike came back here. And then he left to become the OC with the 49 ers 1992. We got hired by the Niners and then Broncos signed him in 95. So he went Super bowls with the Niners as their offensive coordinator. Yes. In fact, the 94 Super Bowl was the one the Niners beat the Chargers. Like 50, something that was the stayed young six touchdown pass game. 50 something to 20 something. And speaking of 49 ers, did you see, uh That Greg Clark Died. Yeah, the the great did and for the Niners for only 49, apparently at CTE issues. Although they said his death was a surprise. They weren't expecting that. They were caught off guard. If family and friends were caught off guard by that happening, I thought about you and, uh When I saw this story Just 49 years old. Yeah. He had been battling, Uh, C t e chronic CTE. Um But they still didn't think it was going to take his life at 49 years old. 719369 the coach with a clipboard at his pants was Joe Collier. You're right in that regard that remember Joe with that clipboard. I was trying to remember if Alex ever had the clipboard Look to him as well. 9759. Oh, hey, Dave was gives. Let's see. We read that one. I think, 971965. Oh, I think Joe Collier was the coach that had the clipboard tucked in his pants. Didn't you all call? You put it in the back of his pants. I thought he stuffed it in the bag. No, I think he wasn't in the front. I think he put the clipboard in the front. Do you stuff clipboards in the front or back at your pants? Which do you prefer your asking me in? General? Are you asking me specifically? I'm asking you specifically. Where do you stuff your clipboard? I don't I don't have a I don't have a clipboard. I have like a play sheet. But I know it's too big to get in your pants. Horrible. Yes, that would be true. Wow, Rick, I've seen your place. He David. That's been true. It's It's a good size place. Well, listen. You know, I've seen your play. She Dave, and it's It's impressive. He's got an impressively. Yeah. Big play sheet, but at a long time. Yeah, you have. I can see why you couldn't put it in your pants. No, it's too. Yeah, This is too. It's too. This is all sounding too dirty for me. I need to go to dirty for you. Hello? Yeah, right. We really have to reconsider if that's the case machine. Yeah, Surprised. We're still in the air last couple minutes of the show, huh? Oh, Lord to dirty Dave. I can't handle it. Yeah, we had a texture earlier. After I told the Bobcat's story. Asked if I could send him Some of my urine so he could put it around his front door to his ex wife out. Oh, I love it. That's hilarious. Hilarious. It's not for sale, sir. Sorry. It's very really a city. It's from my personal use on me. Yeah. So you think you're With all the vitamins you take. Here we go. It's just going. Here we go. Yeah. Yeah. And you know where it's going? Yeah. Come on, Kathy. Yeah. You take the supplements that you take. Alter the smell of Europe for the animals. Rick is what I'm trying. I think so. She's going. I know it has to. I would think so, right? Yeah. It doesn't smell normal Apex Predator. That's what it smells like an apex predator. You should bottle it and make it Cologne. The pheromones. Bottle your urine and making phone. David. There are people today that are making lots of money on some really interesting ideas. What mean? That doesn't sound all that far. Fetched to me? I've got to tell you Did you know you can buy wolf urine on the Internet on Amazon? Yeah. Why don't you just tell Rick Lewis urine on Amazon could try to keep your bobcats away? It worked for me. If you have a Bob Kare problem. This is what worked for me. I guarantee you people advised scent of big Jim's I'm a little concerned about the mass production. I got to drink a lot. You know what? Maybe more water that I drink. You got to be a P machine. You understand? This guy goes p like four times during the morning show. I don't know what a lot of water I don't know what happened during this show. But this really takes off, Kathy, we're going to have to. We're going to talk about how do we mass produce? Well, you put a funnel in his junk while we're sitting here. And you just have a bottle at the bottom. Wait, wait, wait. I'm sitting right here points at him way where you put a funnel that his junk. Just give him a catheter. It'll be so much easier. So you put the and you don't have to take the pressure of actually getting up and going anywhere. You know, that's like, you know, you take one of those things that you put oil in the funnel that you put oil in my Coover just walk around his job. Hell did I walk immediately walked back out. And then you put like gallons of like those old milk jugs underneath and like you're just going, you just go while you're you can't Underneath the table from David Eyes, vantage point We got a few over here, though. Let's try tomorrow. We'll see dry tomorrow. How much I can collect. Can we at least switch chairs for Rick and Cathy? So he's too if I had to do that this to us collect a gallon when I had pre clamps yet because I had to take every time I went to the bathroom. I collect that. Put it in the refrigerator in a gallon right bottle and then take it to the doctor. And then what they do with it, and they tested it to see Make Corona out of it. Yeah, it sold it sold it. Oh,.

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