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That both of them you know are on the same page and And they must have been awful convincing. See i and let me. Just make a comment about bill. Nye go with back. Ted's not it's going to just throw stuff out there but he's not and he never makes himself ought to be a decision maker in situations like this he's gonna throw out. Stop the george and virginia for them to think about but this is totally mcafee decision. It's still not involved in this decision except giving his opinion so when i tell people that when they talk about the character and how much and george mccaskey talked a lot about how much he really thinks highly of the the moral character of matt nagy and ryan pace that is a very very big deal to their family and to the character of the mccaskey family so they put a lot of stock in that. Don't they they absolutely do. There's no question about that and That's important to them. And if you're gonna get the benefit of the doubt and you're not the type of person that matt nagy ryan pace are then and they have made a change but that that that carries some weight in this decision when it was when there was a decision to be made and you know unfortunately and he's the best friend of mine. I got him into coaching chuck. Garneau you know i talked. I was keeping in touch with chuck once a week. And you know obviously when you're gone our sudden he'll take some undue criticism and looks like they're gonna throw mitch under the bus. Which i have been a mitch fan from the opening week. I bet my point. Is you gotta do what mitch can do best. You drafted him. This is what he does best do it and give the kid a chance to be successful. That was obvious that they did not want that to happen. When they signed foles exposes is not the same player physically mentally anything that makes you so their minds. It looks like they wanna do the offense. That matt nagy believes in which is not the run game. Run the ball play action. Pass all the stuff that mitch can do. So yeah And ryan pace handed go along with it. It sounds like i have a theory that the reason why ryan pace especially was brought back is because i think that the front office has a very specific plan for quarterback next year. That doesn't involve mitch trubisky so this leads into my question. We've had two former bears players on the podcast during the season we had Kyle orton and the vibe that i got from. Both of those guys is that there's sort of an organizational mentality within the bears that the defense will always be valued more than the offense. So do you think that the way that the bears can be fixed because it's been years on top years on top of years of the offense weighing down the defense and while the defense underperformed a little bit this year the offense did them no favours. So do you think that the right direction for the bears would be to. Maybe put all their eggs in one basket and trade for the shawn watson or completely changed their mentality at.

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