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Ball enough and i'm screaming we were driver i'm sure thought i was insane every time he got the ball in the post they doubleteam to be turned it over that's not bread brown's fall but everybody that night and philly wanted brett brett brown's head on a rail okay he's the guy that shepherds this but now we need a real coach to take his ford and i'm like you silly people you have about the most real coach i can think of who learned at the feet of gregg popovich who has a wonderful curiosity about the game who has a great way with players and by the way i covered him at boston university he was a pretty decent low will division one player that got the absolute most visibility so newest how to do that too so that dromi crazy i don't mind telling well now now we can use brett brown as an entree into a referendum on the process because jackie yet what does bread brown feel do you think about everything he went through under sam hinky through that whole experience what do you think prep brown thinks when he looks back at those years in which all of us were debating the finer points of sports ethics well i think his fiercely loyal to sanctions should be sample gave an opportunity and i think the two of them still talk but brits brown's human and coaches wanna to win because they know that they'll be judged on wednesday losses let's let's talk about the longterm view of brett brown no one's going to be talking about his one australian background and dogs wasn't fit ons called again looking at the blue healers or any of that they're going to look at is reckoned say man this guy was a dog and self the first few years he could.

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