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After jazz center Rudy Gobert says name Rudy get ruby Rudy go bare skews what's been a it's been a long long nights Rudy go bear star jazz center test positive for the corona virus he is pulled from the game the game is postponed in Oklahoma City the NBA a few minutes later literally five minutes after the jazz thunder games postponed we find that that go Barrett as a positive for cove in nineteen the NBA announces it's suspending the regular season what yes side point this go bear situation as well and what makes it even more frightening is just forty eight hours ago just two days ago he was literally touching every microphone in sight at the end of his media availability just seemingly making fun of the severity of the corona virus and now he test positive for the corona virus ESPN's Brian Windhorst reporting within the hour that every player on the teams that have played go bearing the jobs of the last two weeks I've been told to self quarantine have the trickle down effect the king's pelicans had a game tonight in Sacramento that was postponed because one of the officials actually refereed the jazz game on Monday night I have a car on the line who was there will get to a momentarily but we spent a lot of time talking about the effect that this is hot in the NBA they big news tonight suspending the season but the NC double a earlier in the day Wednesday made a statement NC double a president mark Emmert said that the league has made a decision to hold a March madness games that only essential staff and limited family attendance so that was the NC double way as of Wednesday afternoon at March brown this will go on as scheduled however limited attendance for only essential staff and family as a result they're looking to move the final four at a Mercedes Benz stadium into a smaller venue in Atlanta that makes sense because Mercedes Benz stadium holds seventy thousand people but that was this afternoon before the NBA suspended play some suspect the NHL which says it will come out with an announcement during the day Thursday may do the same then it for the NC double a do you still hold March madness do you cancel March madness you postpone March madness March madness generates roughly a billion dollars in revenue annually for the NC double a but do not fret they will be fine the NC double a I'm reading this from Charles Robinson sports writer for Yahoo from his Twitter feed the NC double a has a significant rainy day fund and insurance to cover the cost of having a total March madness cancellation one that takes into account total lost revenue and not just lost ticket revenue so we had a call earlier in the show tonight say this could end the NC double a I don't think so they have a rainy day fund only talk about the economic impact that's so important to we've had a lot of tweeters a.

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