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Expense accounts submitted by special investigator. Johnny dollar the new britain. Mutual insurance company hartford connecticut. The following is a further. Accounting of expenditure is during my investigation of the valentine matter item. Nine seven dollars for dinner. I had with inspector charles de buck on new orleans police. He was a haggard tired looking man about that time all of us were he wants more nano. Thanks to men about six feet. When suits and hats medium to slide bills one possibly thirty five the other possibly for a lot about ties up with a description of the two men who valentine earlier and earned him a place in the hospital. Yeah we got more chances. Be some other witnesses. Somebody has to tell us what kind of a car they had. What direction they went one thing. They weren't using silences anymore. No but they did a professional job. I think valentine neum clammed. I let hospital bed to go out looking for him. Sounds reasonable. how do you figure the rest of an inspecting. Valentine's southern newspaper store and his wife was in town. He went over. Gotta and i'd take it. They were going to check into a new hotel on a friend showed up. She just happened to get in the way. I'm sure what anybody wants you. I would anybody wanna shoot him because no matter what it was now i was planet. He's still live pretty way back. Then man who's lived candlelight. He has done. The things is bound to make few enemies. remember now. i think it has something to do with his family. I agree with you that valentine's probably made enemies all over but he wasn't the kind of man to get excited about any of those kinds of people pretty well knew how to take care of himself and handle trouble. That's why he was looking for use on pretty. It seems to me that a valentine had been expecting trouble from some of the old timers have carried a gun. You got a point but then again he was pretty genta. Spend most of his time painting that house bought out in jefferson. Parish is covered with pictures. He's done since he's been out pretty good too when he wasn't painting that he was listening to music. How they think. Danny valentine taking up the arts. Oddly evan gonna make call and get busy. Yeah inspector any objection to me going out and looking around that us joe privilege. Personally i'm gonna look around town for a couple of gunman anyone there. Now is cook named you chino. Nice woman okay. I'll keep in touch with the inspecting do that now. You forgot to tell me you looked up the old family lawyer conrad webster the other night. I was trying to find valentine same as you would. If you have run into webster again you tell him to drop in and seeming is missing and didn't know what to say to that so i left him standing there and went back to my hotel and shave change clothes and tried to go over the whole thing in my mind. I did phone into the police station and find out that the slugs that it killed. Valentine and his wife were from an italian make pistol around barrel. Thirty seven point five caliber so far on traced expense account item ten cost of cab from my hotel danny valentine's house in jefferson parish. How do you do. Are you mrs chino. Yes will you please. My name is johnny dollar. Mrs eighteen on. I'm from new britain insurance company. I'd like to talk to you. If i may about mr valentine yes not right now. Mr darris summertime. Oh if you prefer that way. Mrs yet been hard they here. I mean mr valentine's death is why future with him. All of these policemen in and out of your now ward. Sworn his daughter. She's a year arrived two hours ago. She stay here. You come tomorrow. Mr dalla please tomorrow chino. Yes ms award. Who is it and miss the dollar. He's from the insurance company. I'd sure company. Yes i'd like to talk theresa. Awards stood at the base of the iron grills stairway. Tall dark eyed and i saw that like a mother. She had a quiet intensity about face. That made it beautiful at the same time ageless. She smiled politely. I can only stand without speaking for a long moment looking at her then. Mrs chino excused a self when we were alone. I wanted to talk to someone who might be able to give me a little more information about all this. It's new to me. I'll tell you what i can miss one. My name is valentine's really valentine. Yes it is. We're supposed to correct that mistake right now. Sure there's nothing wrong with valentine from what. I missed victim. The insurance office in hartford told me to be quite well off because of this man that was murdered. Your mean dan. Valentine stand valentine. Tell me he was my father who told her reporters at home. And your insurance company. Mother told me my name was ward. Thing must've been difficult for her over the years secret for me. She told me she thought it was the best thing she while the same as he did. Tell me about my father. Was he a bad man. All as good or as bad as the most has made people. I only met him a couple of times waking one morning and discovered. You're the only daughter of a famous racketeer who's been knighted look ward if he had anything to do with the way you turned out with what you seem to possess within yourself. I'd say offhand that whatever he was or did he thought of you. You flattering me. i'm not trying to. You seem like a very nice person and so you missed a daughter. Will you tell me all about this. Please let's see your twenty-one isn't that right just about fifteen years ago or so. Your father was on trial for income. Tax evasion just before. He was convicted. He set up a trust fund with my insurance company to provide for you. It's been paying money for your support and education. Ever since according to the terms of the trust all of the money becomes yours. Now that your mother and father did it comes to well over fifty thousand dollars. that's stood. Suppose him grateful to him. I suppose i should be grateful. Can't say that. I've particularly sorry about his death any more than i would be any other human being died violently somewhere but mother's dead. I miss her very much already. Stuck with he was holding up pretty well until that point then she let go. I held her in my arms. I talked to her. I told her what i knew of her. Father's life and death. She told me how she'd been reared so far removed from anything that might have been connected. Her in the least way with the valentine name altogether it was revealing conversation. But both of us. Mrs chino brought us some food and wine long. Will you be new orleans until all of this is straightened out. Until they find out who killed my mother and father. Yes how about you. I don't know after the funeral. I suppose i'll go back. But i wanted to see him to see what he looked like. What kind of life he led it was just an ordinary man wasn't a you've seen these pictures nor this is my first time in the house. Look like italian landscapes to me.

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