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Before. And it's terrifying. Some bridges across the river are shut shutdown in Missouri. A former top democratic official in Saint Louis county is expected to plead guilty to federal corruption charges. Rachel Lipman with Saint Louis public radio reports on Steve stinger. A grand jury indictment made public on Monday, accused of steering county contracts to campaign contributor, he resigned. The. Same day and also expected to surrender his misery law license. Legal experts say the short time between charges and admission of guilt shows the strength of the government's case a quick plea. Also means a lighter sentence for staying federal prosecutors said Monday that the investigation is ongoing. It's not clear if stinger has promised to cooperate as part of a plea deal for NPR news. I'm Rachel Lipman in Saint Louis. This is NPR news from Washington, and this is WNYC from New York. Good morning. I'm Richard Hake. It's eight thirty one a man who's been providing intelligence to the US government after pleading guilty to planning a terror attack here in New York in two thousand nine will soon walk free WNYC. Shumita Basu was at the Brooklyn courthouse. It's really the best scenario. Najah Lassine could have hoped for a ten year sentence of which he's already served about nine and a half. Judge. Raymond Deary read from court documents, outlining how cooperatives Ozzy has been while in government custody and saying the information. He's provided about Al Qaeda and its members has undoubtedly saved lives. The judge called this and unthinkable. Second chance and told Ozzy you earned it in a twenty ten guilty plea Zaza geolog- that he and two friends planned a suicide bombing in the New York City subway, his defense attorney said he's hopeful he'll be released in a matter of days, not months. Fines are stacking up against orthodox Jewish day schools that have repeatedly failed to turn over immunization records to the health department. Inspectors as the measles outbreak continues to worsen United medical academy. In Williamsburg, has been cited more than ten times for not turning over its records. Samuel Sterns spoke on behalf of the Sheva network which runs about a dozen schools committed to to go through the process, but they wanna make sure that all safety precautions that what added due to the outbreak Adam place and fully followed by everyone so far twenty three hundred dollars in fines of an upheld by. Ministry of judges and the school could face another ten thousand dollar penalty for subsequent violations. We'd have a chance of showers mainly between ten and two today. Right now, it is fifty degrees in New York..

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