Cleveland Browns, Adam Schefter, Dell discussed on Weekend Observations with Stu & Jr. - Roger Goodell Gets No Love


Big match up seven division races we have a london gain kicking off in an hour and a half everybody fired up for the cleveland browns in a minnesota vikings i'm sure but this morning really the too big stories are offthefield stories number one adam schefter chris mortenson just reporting if you haven't seen it's on espn dot com commissioners get dell's job could be potentially in jeopardy the owners apparently not happy with the job he's doing and then then let's talk about this situation in houston earlier this week bob mcnair is controversial comments come to light he talked about i i'm confused about whether he was talking about his players he said he was talking about something else he used the phrase the inmates running the prison in a comment the players obviously unhappy and they are planning some kind of protests this morning then if you're a member of the texans how would you perceive this situation is yeah we thought this thing was just about done with the national anthem controversy in the nfl and now these comments from bob mcnair have sparked up another controversy on an nfl sunday just gasoline on the fire just just win the nfl world was ready to take a breath and focus on separation sunday what's going to happen this week these things flare up again and we said it again that i i feel like the nfl has been kind of like teflon nothing sticks to them but this controversy has been so polarizing is such a microcosm of the country that we live in right now that.

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