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President the electoral violence victory over President Trump in the November presidential election. By the receiving 360 electoral votes while Trump received 232 California's 55 electors voting for biting this afternoon put him over that to 70 Mark, and it was tweeted by President Trump. Just a couple minutes after that. The U. S. Attorney General William Barr would be resigning on December. 23rd, a bank robber is being sought by local police. Hi parks where bank was robbed Monday morning about 11 A.m.. The Madison rode US bank location was held up by a thin, white, balding man in his thirties, wearing dark clothes in a white mask. He was last seen running towards Hyde Park Square. Dollar store newsroom reported a large police presence and helicopters flying low while since I police searched the area, you can see a photo of the bank robber at 700 WLW calm. I'm Sandy Collins News radio 700 WLW Donald Devilish in Group, The company that was working on the old killing power plant in Adams County when it collapsed last Wednesday morning is saying that a worker who remains missing Jamie Fitzgerald is now being called deceased. On Saturday, the body of another man who have been on a council for Clyde Doug Gray was found by people were originally trapped. After the collapse in Manchester, three were hospitalized. One of them had to be flown to UC Medical Center. Vaccinations got started today, Ohio reported Closest 7900 cover 19 cases with 59 you desk 291 new hospitalizations and 38 new ICU admissions were reported. Kentucky had 1802 new cases. 17 new deaths are Next update is at 10 o'clock. I'm Sean Gallagher News radio 700. So you won't love you looking for a great gift for that special.

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