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To have our own seat in the united nations the kurdish passport and full courage to be able to say they are from kurdistan and not from iraq and most importantly it when you have a state then you decide whether you want to join a war in the region are not because this region especially iraq has been at war has been in turmoil and problems for one hundred years does long does you are part of iraq you are part of iraq's problems to a you've you're heading to kurdish territory tomorrow in advance of the referendum on the 25th from what you're hearing how do you suppose people will vote in favour of independence yes i think the majority of for kurds will vote yes in the referendum under they have been holding one rally after another and the music festivals and party's not only in the kurdistan region of iraq but among kurdish communities in europe and north america as well so there is a multi weeks site because september 25th is basically a 100year long dream coming true for millions of kurds is there any danger that it could lead to some kind of confrontation between the kurds and the central governent bagged at a violent confrontation hopefully give there's always that sheer there's always that fear let's at iraq especially now run it is run by militia greek so there's the fear that there will be violence but the answer is that there has always been violence and this price has to be paid for independence we will soon our or later or one way or another but hopefully they will not be any violence as a result of the kurdish independence vote i have nuri editor with the kurdish new service rudolf thank you very much for.

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