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The international development secretary pretty patel held a series of meetings in israel to discuss government business without telling the foreign office she was accompanied by leading proisraeli conservative lobbyist donning streeter said that miss patel did nothing wrong is all diplomatic correspondent james lando in august pretty patel went on holiday to israel the while there the international development secretary didn't just see the sites she also spent two days meeting the leader of one of israel's political partisan does ding firms in churches where she reportedly discussed deeper mental business however she didn't tell the foreign office as is customary nor was she accompanied by any civil servants she was however accompanied by lord pollak president of the conservative friends of israel a powerful proisrael lobby group tori the ministers and mps say this is stab reached a perceived conflict of interest that potentially breached the ministerial code of conduct eight sacked ministers from the catalan government of spend the night in custody after appearing in court charged with rebellion and sedition an arrest warrant could be issued today for catalonia's sect leader countless kujtim on who's in belgium and did not attend cold thousands of catalan staged protests last night saying those who'd been detained were political prisoners coach documents have revealed that the body of the malls murderer ian brady was cremated last week and his ashes scattered at sea he died in may at the age of seventy nine dash with high security hospital in merseyside together with mara hindley brady tortured and killed five children in the 1960s sean deely reports in the early hours of thursday last week five months off to his death from natural causes in brady's remains were driven to liverpool marina and dispatched at sea his body had been collected from the royal liverpool hospital and driven under police escort to southport crematorium now music was played a nofly was with omitted these were the conditions set by order of the high court which stepped in to oversee the disposal of ian brady's body because of fears his remains would be scattered on settle worth more where his victims were buried two new studies suggest cancer patients with high levels of good bacteria in the gut a more likely to respond to treatment that shrinks toomas the research in france and the united states indicates that immunotherapy drugs some more effective in people with healthy digestive systems the.

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