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Marijuana related businesses Colorado congressman ed Perlmutter co sponsored the bill instead it will help reduce crime associated with the pot industry these businesses and their employees become targets for murder robbery assault and more by dealing and all cash and this puts the employees and store store owners at risk the congressman joins is six six twenty four this morning the bill now moves to the U. S. Senate were Colorado senator Cory Gardner is co sponsoring the Senate version of the bill Gardner says lawmakers need to get their heads out of sand to get the measure to president trump's desk Colorado's governor Polish send state Attorney General Phil wiser say new restrictions on the Endangered Species Act threatens more animals with extinction so now Colorado's joining several other states to sue the department of interior over restrictions on what animals can get threatened status Polish calls the restrictions that dangerous roll back wall wiser says the Endangered Species Act is America's signature tool for protecting wildlife Danko shell came away news. immigration advocates wanna make sure local daca recipients don't let their protections laps while the US Supreme Court decides on president trump's decision and that program forward dot U. S. is hosting a free doc a renewal workshop at MSU Denver we're expecting a decision to come between January and in June of twenty twenty and so we don't know what the outcome will be and what we wanted people to continue to be protected and keep their Dhaka ring it coordinator Morrison Molina says the clinic will run from twelve to seven featuring trainings and resources from other community resource groups the twenty nineteen biennially be America's fast kicks off in Denver..

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