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But that's a different amazon. So you upload everything and then what happens is it the this is important to. You're uploading it as a paperback and as a e book download a kindle electronic version. So you load loaded up. And then they review it. Whoever this lodge woman is It takes about twenty four hours. The latronic version is available on amazon. It takes about two to three days before the paperback version is available. So once they're on there and we're also you're creating how much you want to charge for the book right so once. Everything is up on amazon and live. I let my clients though. Hey you're published. You're up there then. What i do for my clients Is i tracked as sales. You know how many books they sell. Hamady e books. They sell how much they're going to get paid by amazon pert. E-book sold and per paperback book sold now. They also have the option. Once i upload jordan amazon tells me how much it will cost you to buy your own book. That's called the author copies authors copy of this copy and that usually it's based on the number of pages. Well the the bottom line is folks of for me anyway. I feel very comfortable knowing that. There's somebody who's handling all of that. I had enough trouble just coming up with the words but It's really an amazingly streamlined and very economical process for young struggling writers. Like myself. because you don't have to have ten thousand copies sitting in a warehouse somewhere that you've already paid for absolutely and there's no limit you can order one author copy up to nine hundred ninety nine at a time And i just tell people don't order. Let's go get stuck in a warehouse. Well what i've done is been sending them out to people. I mentioned in the book and friends and you know really special people signing the books and it's been great fun but i really think the process is what i wanted to highlight the fact that steve has been one of these guys who just johnny on the spot..

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