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So we will try and secure. I sent that to you, Mr Producer as soon as we can. The former Executive who ran this this county in New York, Westchester County. Which had to suffer the consequences. Of this plan under Obama and buying intends to intensify He intends to intensify it. So we shall see. Alright. I don't have the call screen in front of me. Ah, Justin. So which color do you recommend that I speak to Well, we got Kathleen and Westchester. The great W A. B. C. Go. I'm market Cap ling from Westchester. We know that robbery robbery staff here I will. I will not cut short because my man you're on the phone. Nobody knows who Rob is. What would you like to tell us? We'll get the rob later. Okay, well, I just wanted to say that it's funny because that ruling about what happened here in West Chester. A lot of the communities like Chappaqua and Bronx, Phil and scars, though I haven't seen any of these low income housing projects going up in those neighborhoods, that is what supposed to let me explain to the nation you've got pockets of very, very wealthy communities like where the Clintons lived. In Westchester County. And so What she's saying is If you're politically connected. Among other things, all these things they're doing to the rest of the county. Somehow Chappaqua escapes it. Isn't that your point? That's my point, Mark exactly. And some of the other more affluent little sub sections of the county. The little towns Bronxville, Scarsdale, But let me let me tell you little secret under the Biden plan, they won't escape. Well by the Biden plan is crushing, absolutely crushing. They're being You know, the local social media is unbelievable about how these liberals who are living in these communities and with the police, violence and all that, like, Don't you get it? You're not gonna have that if you encourage the police and mark They're totally clueless. It's amazing. It's so amazing. See how these people behave and what they think and how cute it is about BLM have no idea that it's an organization. None whatsoever. Tell Tell the rest of America. You live in Westchester. What's your experience has been with this With the housing thing, or with the whole like dlm housing thing. Isn't that what we're talking about? Yeah, yeah, I just want to make sure. Well, I'm a renter. So I observe. As you know, I can't give you the specifics, but I do know what I've seen, and I was active in the you know, politics around the county. And I just know the county and I don't They fundamentally altered the nature of your county, didn't they? Yes. And you? You can't come through those apartments. If you live in the county, you have to come from outside of the state. Let me explain what you're saying, because it's very important. In addition to building these, he's what they called dense public housing. Like We've done that before, and we have And a lot of it. You have to advertise outside of your county. So you have to advertise in New York City you have advertised in other communities outside your state in order to strongly encourage people to come into your county and to take that housing correct. Correct. They also have these things that have called land trust. Better, interesting ways that the people in those communities have bought areas and they put them as like conservative fit stories or whatever they want to call it to be nature things. So they hire a guy. They make it a five a onesie. Three. They hire a guy. Be like a farmer. Sort of whatever care for the properties, and that way nothing's goingto happen in their backyard. All right. Thank you for your call. Let's go to the Ah, you're missing the entire point. I'm not talking about the two or 3% who escaped this. I'm talking about the 99% in the county who are punished. Robert Astorino, former executive at the For eight years in Westchester County. How are you, Sir? Good luck could be back on the show. I'll tell everybody what took place in your county. I thought it was a disaster. It was the worst federal overreach you could imagine. And I was the canary in the coal mine. I warned everybody for eight years because we were battling hut. My predecessor signed settlement agreement, the county was sued. Under the False Claims Act of 18 63 and we had an agreement to build homes. So you weren't sued because of discrimination? No, there was no finding of discrimination whatsoever in the settlement. And yet we had to spend over $60 million back. You filled all the homes on DH on every time we submitted a study independent study whether there was quote exclusionary zone in which not minorities, Clinton come into communities. It was found to be negative that zoning permitted all types. Housing and yet hard always and justice. Obama refused to accept that so they penalize Westchester. They took away the grant money, so I want people to understand they took away your housing money. What the Biden proposes taking away your highway money. How would you like that? Ah, and and they will bring these now. Civil rights lawsuits They want expand this rule. Against communities that don't obey and in terms of this, these buildings that your taxpayers had to pay for dense public housing. How did people wind up going into those bony said they have to advertise outside your community. Yeah, you're talking about the affirmatively, furthering fair housing. Exactly. The Trump Administration just did the greatest thing for suburbia. They have rescinded this rule that Obama put in at a Finnair babies. Enormous definition. That basically community is guilty of segregation by statistics. Minorities in a particular zip code. Then hence your community is segregated. And here's what you need to do, or we will take you to court. A lot of communities obviously can't afford to go up against that government, so they settle. On one of the biggest things that the federal government under Obama and all Biden is doubling down and folks you better listen up, because, as I said, you were the canary in the coma, but it's happening all over the place now. Dopes in Minneapolis did it themselves. With the federal government under Biden will will not put up with a single family residential, Tony they No, let's Let's stop here and I won't explain to the people why Because as long as you have single family housing If people can't afford a single family homes that will now be considered de facto discrimination. So the fact that people can't afford them and some people can that will be defacto discrimination, and they will be insisting on Mohr dense housing. Isn't that correct? That is absolutely corrupt, with no proofs and his health but more out of meaning. Is this degrading patronizing that the federal government, the Democrats say That minorities are incapable of in their own home, which, by the way, 1/4 acre lot single family residential That's the American dream that used today. And minorities and moving out to the suburbs on their own, because that's what living God bless them got less. Anybody who wants to do that. What the federal government and it is illegal to discriminate against anybody who can afford to purchase a home anywhere on DH. The Fair Housing Act of 1968 is very clear on that. And these are two separate. Things cannot discriminate. If you do, you should pay the penalty. It's not what this is about. This is an ad rule that Obama administration put in there to attack zoning and to attack communities in suburbia. Doubling down on that..

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