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Joe girardi question because as i thought this this whole thing this year is about brian cashman is brian cashman did a lot of great things a out of good young players here made the decision to bring stanton and change the manager and now you look at the team okay fifty nine one eight they're they're on durham pace for a great season and they they'll follow up your last season with an even better season the question is is where he is really kind of lost the way here's with this starting rotation he's got to do something now the reform defy that and reestablished at least some some group of guys in there that they can count on on a daily basis yeah well we'll see what's available changes you made our significant back to the mets twentyeightyearold uganda up from aaa during the all star break for them served up three run shot to michael francke in the second and then that solo blast we heard oduber harare in the fifth he departed after four and a third allowed six runs on seven hits he took the loss phillies did beat the minutes seven to three heard from ganja last hour hanging change to franco turned around and blasted into the leftfield seats don't tell mickey callaway change came as advertised real deceptive change and then he said i've never heard a change i've talked about so much after one just got pulled lasted i mean it was like a batting practice pitcher deceptive halloway didn't realize what the pitch was to franca rerun home or with the pitcher on deck just didn't execute that sliders kind of hung it he didn't even i'm not a smart man he's got the pitcher on you know what i just remembered this tweeted about it yesterday i would've told you before the show if you could somehow find this i did see tweet about so i guess mickey callaway before the game one of these too many press conferences that he has to do was talking about wilmer flores in comparative to michael jordan i went back because i saw your tweet and i was hoping that it would be something really good i i will stick up for him here though really it was a very long winded explanation and comparison that didn't make a lot of sense but he certainly wasn't saying wilmer flores as michael jordan i just want to make can i ask you like what wow on an nba basketball team some day attempt to explain it to you if you'd like or i can just see wilmer flores and michael jordan name would be in the same sentence in regards to at a sporting event they were talking about klutziness florez now owns the record for walk off rbi's with ten so reporter asked calloway about him being clutch and big spots and what calloway who's trying to say because michael was a clutch player but you know because he was always willing to take the last shot and because he took had so many attempts obviously every now and then he'd make once thought of him as a clutch player what he was saying about florez was that he's had a lot of opportunities but he comes through at a high clip so i don't he's not saying he's jordan but he did not a smart man we did basically say floor as successful more often than jordan was while while to get there is this is my point someone asks about wilmer flores is clutch news and he's reference point in the world of sports became michael jordan that reporter did not bring up michael jordan now saved brickley mickey callaway that would that is accurate yes beyond that i don't know what to tell you i really don't where the heck where we amend rosario had a couple of triples in the game if you're looking for like maybe one lone bright spot for the mets rbi couple runs scored and you do get to watch jacob degrom on the mound tonight in the finale it'd be opposed by vince velazquez noah syndergaard is set to return friday against the nationals we covered the meltdown by the indians bullpen last hour they blow a four chernoff isn't here today most of the reds maybe took the day off basis to cleveland is skuld francona nick name what are you doing not opm he shouldn't be going to peres anyway he stinks yeah right the i could've told you that they gave up seven the ninth loss to the red seven four better luck for the astros they were tied with the as in.

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