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They kind of planting stuff and seeing god what sprouts well it's very interesting the va billy high take above the minute anybody nine moody's name is mentioned in did they had this like a nerve center in the body's headquarters sit in a lights up and then is like a is like us you know like a swarm of c n cds get in there and is handed down on that particular ways and they do employees bag on the rash of debt threads irib threads in oakland in incitement you name it they do it can you give us a case of trawling that got especially nasty when i give you an example all the actor whose a superstar michael american i wellness to gauge zuma yellow and i know mr gated does in my book the bdb is then icty chief was actually sending you know what set forward seeing with with a draft partition of how you know an indian company goes stabbed deal should either boycotting him nearer drop it was abandoned vestida or they should be boycotted so you basically had the ruling party and the government attack in in in citizen in decking ininin company said candid extremely nasty in some ways couldn't you argue that this kind of freewheeling dialogue is actually democracy in action uh not minutes so see i'm world for free speech emma journalists free speech is and i've been in butter login on the point is you use from the u s the us is a free sps lows in the world but if he they your people arrested when the next to actionable tread well does incitement this is no freedom of expression hate speech is not freedom of expression bitter it's a non feeders expeditionary threats cno recently the one one journalist was shot dead and it doesn't know to the people lim somali followed actually celebrated her death and it's a moody's recently on his bullets at his falling fifty more people but he's not even unfolded one of the single he'd handles each year this knee follows so how has your book i am a troll been received in india what's been the reaction and or do you have any accounts personal to share about this kind of thing obviously the huge number.

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