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Is state of over one hundred twenty acres in our family in Arkansas since the eighteen hundred there is well over one hundred heiress to the estate with undivided interest ownership one relative in Arkansas who is not the deed holders for the property without the consent or notification of sale to the other or the D. holder who ninety four years old only what you're after by the way just just to let you know that sale is not valid exactly and I need to know what kind of attorney to get I don't get our acreage back wait a minute how you get your acreage back did the county record it did they record the trans written twenty people to one there was no transfer he managed to get five relatives to sell their interest ownership and interest ownership is like one five hundred I understand so all right okay so he now has won five hundred south of the property videos are and that's and by the way with all those other owners title didn't transfer when you said he doesn't have title he just paid someone to borrow money for the joy you hold it to a timber company well the land to a public company okay tell it illegal that's correct the entire sale is illegal and I'm surprised that the timber company didn't do title search didn't go through it because that's very very rare for a company not to bother checking all right so as of right I don't need to deal with all right of course not so are a lawyer somewhere in and out you said Alabama Tennessee Arkansas I news one of those states out there in Arkansas you have to hire a lawyer in Arkansas I just let the timber company know Hey you can't tell there's no way you can harvest timber you don't own the land this was the only and I found out that this happened it occurred last year and I didn't find out until I paid the taxes last okay all right payment was sent back yeah that doesn't matter are the only thing that matters what is their timber harvested off that land timber and oil mineral right on that okay it's time it's time it's a tough it's time for a lawyer in Arkansas you've got to get one instant yet is this is you want to let you want land use lawyer are a specialist now I it out where do you go here's what I suggest okay if I have if I have it a a legal issue to go and it's out there in for for for land you know squirrel hollow in wherever the hell it was as I said I don't go to the website put him online Akan now tell you why we don't have lawyers but the all these lawyers we have north of a hundred of them no lawyers and they can do the research and real and refer you out okay and the president that get the sale the attorney he used was also a family member yeah well you got a strong all over the ice in probably gonna go after the license because that looks like the attorney was part of the fraud all right well let me tell you my cynical Jack potting this is war criminals use malware even hardware to get ATMs to dispense cash as in your cash now it mainly was overseas enterprise but is moved full blast in the U. S. you have to understand how cyber crimes affecting our lives identity theft every two seconds serious issue matter fact it's really all about identity theft and.

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