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In the background that's incredible absolutely we gotta make money make money up i tell you i don't know forgetting refugees second i know most of the is this room have been inside zito's mom ever been inside the bass pro show yeah the same i would like to hear about this pad if if you haven't been inside a bass pro shops or like nature golfing grilling hiking kayaking fishing hunting or just fill in the warmth of the summer in your face i don't think you're kabila's are they same company yeah real phone so i didn't know that i thought they were competitors because it was like gander my and hunt fish and then they went out of business right bass pro shops and cabela's in there the same group of humans cause i go to my cabela's up there once a week for sam buys all her food for the animals feed eight two birds one stone so cool you've got a flatbed to get that home some believable we gotta run a fuck you holiday get the goddamn bird feedback forty five birdhouses at the haas we had a bat house now unbelievable you can get anything for your outside you can get prochet anything at all it's the best store on earth whether you're sporting person you're outside or is like being outside period everything you need husbands wives fathers mothers kids grandkids there's something for everyone at bass pro shops and cabela's with free seminars unmet selection in friendly knowledgeable staff that can get you set for any outdoor experience whether it's your first time with the spinning reel in your hand rookie or just your typical weekend on the water bass pro shops and cabela's can be the gateway to your next outdoor adventure for more information on free events in family activities the best pro shops and cabela's near you visit www bass pro dot com slash stores in www dot cabela's dot com slash stores bass pro shops and cabela's your adventure starts here about that does tack him in real quick i like an ally because you go into a best person going into an amusement park absolutely and you go into tobel is it's like you're going into an amusement park in you're always like oh i don't know which one's better were together now we're in this together what was great in one and in great and the other is now great in both thing.

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