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You. It's like that's the job on the other hand. Maybe maybe it shouldn't be the job gets to this point and when it's a rookie umpire like other empires probably would just not have put up with this and would have ejected him right away or maybe they would have escalated and it could have got even worse so in that sense it meyer how he handled it but like maybe this should not be how we interact with people in the workplace. I get one risks being kind of a spoilsport right. Everyone's fun to could be like Bud. Shouldn't we think umpire here but moments like this are very stark reminder. That baseball is a workplace. It's like an office super weird office and a really cool office and you know like you said I think umpires kind of know that they are in for some version of this at some point in their umpiring career and you know. I don't think that I don't know if it I would make a difference. I guess we can talk about that too. He did not appear to be calling particularly. <hes> sterling strikes on when you look at the Berkshire out of it. It's like Oh this is. This isn't the very best I've ever seen. Stop the best known we've ever seen and I don't know him actually being eating somewhat inconsistent his zone makes it better or worse 'cause. I guess it was deserved but also I don't know that we ever want this kind. You've behavior to carry with the language of late well He. He was in for it because he wrote called a bad zone. I just it was it was a lot it was still hot and I get why it's funny and I I appreciate that but not only to fans but I imagined to that clubhouse. This probably meant a great deal to a Yankees team. That was obviously frustrated. I mean Garner was engaged in some interpretive dance with his bat in the dugout yet. That's a whole other topic that we can talk about you know he he learned a lesson about throwing his helmet and it potentially ricocheting and hitting him in the face and he had some choreography to express his frustration this time around and what's so has that sidetrack us but I think like Lindsay Adler tweeted that it was so weird that that was his first inclination to like I like Jim the bet repeatedly into the bat rack and that the less weird weird part of the thing then he started trying to literally raise the roof of the dugout with the bat as if he was like trying to get a bat out of the like the attic or like the leaves off the gutter something what was that it looked unhinged and may have been a bit. It was very strange. I don't even have a thing to compare it to. There's I can't i. I've never seen anything like that. I've never seen anything like it so that was very odd so I imagined that like what he did. It in in one sense was very good workplace behavior. We've all had bosses. We all have bosses and it's it's nice when your boss stands up for you and sort of has your back in defence you to I don't know in this case Umpire and I'm sure that it sent a very clear message to the Yankees players about how he wasn't. I'm GonNa take it anymore and you don't have to either and so I like it up the SORTA display which in a sense like that's the manager's job to his team and his team motivated so right he was just doing what he's supposed to do in a way right so in that sense this is a very good bit of H._r.. On the other hand it is terrible way to treat another human being horrible H._R.. Violation another way. Where regular company can you imagine Agean if if he is an accountant and a junior other accountant I don't know what the the umpiring equivalent of accountant is here but another office guy does something goofy?.

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