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Hard to be perfect impossible to be perfect so you best you can. And that's what I did with this mask. That's a little sorta strange and it. It kind of looks like I'm wearing a mustache but really I'm Betty Boop. Yes Betty Boo. Betty boop was created in one thousand. Nine hundred thirty you could show betty boop on the facebook camera there. She is sitting on her Name just like I'm sitting on my couch here. Betty boop is a great inspiration for me and so many other people on the so. Many people have a connection. I don't know if she's always an inspiration but she's just so often connection and yes. She came out in the nineteen thirties There's what's cooking. We're GONNA be talking about food and sex so she's dressed as a cook. Kissed the Cook. Who So cute very cute. Very Niazi looks young but is older and looks almost like a poodle. They've said or some kind of little crush between like a pug and poodle. Originally when Max Fleischer drew her she was adopted very first job. Yeah a poodle. Kind of pug almost like an English bulldog without without wrinkles but But this was her sexy era when she wore little. You know Kinda boosts. Da Top. This was in the nineteen thirties which was just a couple of years before. Fdr delivered his first fireside chat and she was a very kind of sexy girl for those days. Of course a cartoon you know not like I mean I love Minnie mouse. But she wasn't that sexy and And and they they later kind of Censored her but she looks real cute as a nurse to do you have the nurse Betty boop and and we have her giving a message to our nurses now see little more conservative there but still very cute and sexy always sexy just a little more Republican. But she's got sleeves. You're not in a boost year and And and she's banking are nurses because we really should we love nurses.

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