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Trying to lose fifty pounds. That's my New Year's resolution. Of smokers cigarettes. I want you smoking. Is going to be a whole a big change in two thousand I'm nineteen just a sampling of metro Detroiters talking about the new year. Among the top resolutions, losing weight are supporters being priced out of the celebration at Cobo center for Gretchen Whitmer governor here as WWE w j city beat reporter. Vicki Thomas tells us one member of the Democratic Party thinks so bowlen's is one of the candidates vying to become the next chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. He says he appreciates the fact that governor Gretchen Whitmer is hosting the party in Detroit. But he takes issue with the price one hundred fifty bucks is you know, again, right after the holidays that could go to the water Bill that can go to the electric Bill that could go to pay off your credit card debt that you may have incurred trying to buy your mother, you know, a nice gift. And so I'm not saying that we're insensitive because as Democrats were generally not insensitive, but you know, what it's going to be a lot of Republicans at that party. So, you know. I don't think I'm gonna miss much by not paying a hundred and fifty bucks to eat Thomas WW, Jane radio nine fifty. Well, it's January one twenty nineteen. Are you trying to get rid of that live Christmas tree? Now that the holidays have come and gone. You may want to consider a few different options here, there are more sustainable choices that prevent that tree from ending up in a landfill such as using a goat. They strip the tree bear eat all the needles and leave you the branches and trunk for firewood. You could also put the tree in your yard to create a winter bird sanctuary at some pine cones coated in peanut butter and rolled in birdseed w w j news time to thirty two.

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