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But i think james should be the quarterback you know if it was up to me but it's not up to me. I think michael thomas coming back. We'll definitely help. Vowed jameis winston a lot. You know and i think michael thomas. He'll be motivated to bounce back. Because he was a guy that was one of the first. She was taken off the board. The last couple of years and you know now he's just fallen off you know and then when it comes to kenny golladay. I think really the problem with him is of course the injuries in. Oh and now he's injured again and of course you know. There's a lot of question marks with daniel jones at the quarterback position. You know and i think jones is gonna do good but i as of right now. I had him low on the list in now. But i think he will make up for it. You know he's just gotta go out there and prove it you know that's really might thing on that my take on that is it's kind of just wait and see approach with daniel johns but i do think that golladay if he's healthy is going to mcdaniel jones a much better quarterback then he has looked over the course of the last couple of seasons. That's just me You know that that's the guy that the giants really need and fantasy. You know golly. I for now i'm gonna say he's like a flex option borderline wide receiver to you know. He is incredibly talented. I definitely think that stafford. Is you know a better better combination with him. You know him in golladay. I think that is a better combination. But we'll see how him and daniel jones works. You know it's gonna be interesting to see you know what happens with that. Hopefully you know. I think he's expected to miss two to three weeks of camp. So i don't think it's something to you know. Buy too much into. I think it will come back. And he'll be ready for the regular season saquon. Barkley however will not be ready. It seems for the regular season while the regular season opener. He is going to come back week. Three supposedly that's when he is supposed to come back in play but yeah. Golly i think we'll be on track to start week one so we're just gonna have to wait and see but there are a lot of guys coming back from injuries that that was one of the strategies that i said going in. You know maybe you want to get the guys that got injured because you know maybe they're poised to have rebounds but you know that's what my friend did in our dynasty league nine. A lot of people really agreed with that strategy. But you know we'll see what happens You know injuries are going to happen. Which stinks you know. And there's going to be you know. I'm gonna come back next year and you know be talking about the same thing with guys got injured so yeah with that. That is all the time that we have for today. Make sure to subscribe to our social media accounts and right nice review our website. We greatly appreciate it. We'll be back next time talking some more fantasy football and all that good stuff and i cannot wait for that. So i'm kenneth green felder signing off from the gs mc fantasy football podcast brought to you by the g. s. mc podcast network. Have a good day and we will see you.

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