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I would save Vladimir Putin and Boris Johnson. Yeah. That would be interesting. Wouldn't it? and. Putin is one I. think he can speak English but never does Angela Merkel is the same she. She won't speak English in public, but she would happily talk to David Cameron in English I, think an macron's English is better than ours. But. It's always difficult for French leader to speak English in public because the French don't like it they what we should be speaking your language. Even when he comes over here. He often does most of what he does infringe for that reason I think. Right US. I'm just going to bring up some email questions before we go back to some twitter ones. Tom Best furred says. Hi EAN. Denise cut I can I say I've enjoyed learnt from denise while she's been on the shows absolute full credit for back into needs talent for speech Radio Show your platform LBC has been richer because of your teamwork. It's a prime example of all just getting along. Yes. I heard you had a book. How is that right? Because you've not said anything about? Anyway. My question do you think Boris Johnson's Bungling? The Caveat crisis is dampened in the public consciousness by trump if they'd been anyone else in the White House by now, my suspicion is that the anger at how we've made less of a massive lockdown trace chart and trace the APP employees support when quarantining school be opening Dominic Cummings and now a-levels not to mention Jesus results next week and even brexit on the horizon. This anger would be more visceral in our public consciousness but because we can always point to the Spitfire that is trump's America in comparison, Johnson gets away with more than he should. What do you think? I. I think it is quite remarkable that the conservative opinion poll ratings of held up as well as they have, and they're still seven to ten points ahead of labor and kissed Armas I think made an excellent start as Labor leader in terms of the Labour party's own poll ratings they're still behind the Conservatives and given that litany of things that Thomas mentioned that you read that and you think well, that's actually quite remarkable. I feel like in terms of whether or not we had I. Say we made us in England now compared to America I. Think the point is well made. The American presidency on the Donald Trump has. The office itself in my opinion has is degraded because of the type of policies that he pursues in the way he conducts himself and I don't necessarily think we have a very. Balanced view here in terms of the the prime minister he gets fed he could press even though we've had..

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