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Desk Greg Orland Jeannie and Charlotte Reese and of course Montgomery County is adding more drop off boxes to collect mail in ballots the move comes as Pennsylvania counties struggle to deal with the hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots requested mid the pandemic with more he would have the suburban bureau chief Jim our Montgomery County elections board voted that five boxes for people to drop off mail in ballots in lower Merion lower Providence white marsh upper Dublin in Cheltenham set up on election day from nine AM to eight PM assistant county solicitor John Marla these locations were selected because they are centrally located in areas of the county where we have the largest concentrations of outstanding mail in absentee ballots the five boxes in Montgomery County addition the boxes already in place in Norristown Greenlee in willow Grove pa stand in Lansdale Bucks county has boxes set up at the county government buildings in Doylestown Leviton a Quaker town until six PM election day Chester County as boxes in Westchester Coatesville Longwood gardens can Britain fairgrounds Warwick county park and battle of the clouds park in Melbourne Delaware County officials say they'll have drop off boxes all polling places on election day if you didn't get your ballot in time where you send it back but are worried it didn't get there in time you can go to a polling place and request a provisional ballot at the suburban judge about work K. Y. W. news radio yeah one more L. today for George Floyd whose death in Minneapolis during arrests led to the nationwide writes the latest from CBS news there was quite a moment this hour on the streets of Minneapolis Terence Floyd the brother of George Floyd urging peaceful protests and an end to the violence it's not going my brother back at all go for the moment because I want to drink when they come down you don't want people wonder what to do Floyd who was black died after being arrested by Minneapolis police for suspicion of passing a counterfeit bill one week ago today the white officers been fired for pushing his need a flight deck for nearly nine minutes Minneapolis mayor Jacob fry murder of George Floyd has made very clear the systemic racism and issues that need to be confronted in our society not tomorrow but right now CBS news special report on that paper and in Florida fort Lauderdale police officer has been suspended after video showed him pushing a kneeling woman to the ground during Sunday protests some people who saw the incident threw bottles at officers colleagues quickly pushed him away from the woman and down the street fort Lauderdale's mayor says there's a pending investigations officer has not been named L. jam traffic on the eastbound Schuylkill expressway on the vine expressway because of all the school street closures in center city so we'll talk to Justin.

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