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Five two. WGN sports, Nick schmaltz is no longer with the Blackhawks. He's been traded away to Zona the hawks in return get forwards Dylan Strom and Brendan for Leany hawks host Vegas Tuesday. The bulls host the Spurs later tonight bears are in first place in the NFC north. They were on Sunday the Vikings hold the number two spot at six four and won. They beat the Packers twenty four seventeen in Minnesota and Sunday night football. Packers dropped to third in the division at four six in one lions in last place at four seven bears. Visit the giants on Sunday WGN traffic things on the roadway. The delays on the expressways tollways, still mounting anywhere from between fifteen to forty five minute delays. Now, also too many reports to count as far as power lines down on the roadways. These include not only on the expressways. We have actually one on the Bishop Ford is closer still in place due to a downed power line around one hundred nineteenth street, but also in the suburbs and local streets. The snowplows out in force in most of the areas that they will no doubt. Get control over at once the snowfall begins to taper off which will happen around six AM, if you're in the western suburbs. If you're closer to the Chicago area, the snow is expected to continue till around nine AM. But we're also seeing reports of a lump these streets on the street signs on the expressways. Tollways are covered with snow. So what is your GPS this morning, and if you can stay at home altogether. That's the message from most of the. Agencies that are in charge of keeping these roads cleared for personalized traffic on demand. Get the Traffix Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team hockberg just search T R A F F, I X Chicago..

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