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Air date August twentieth. Two thousand thirteen this is a round the time. We're Joe is still in TNA. It's just under two years from him joining annex t and eventually the W w main roster, but he's still in TNA at the time. And he's in the middle of the aces and eight saga that TNA had going on. Stephen Joe talk about Joe breaking into pro wrestling through judo. Also, Joe's Japanese and Lucia influence working with chemical Bashi, the great Javanese wrestler. Joe's endurance in the ring. And even some. Some video games quite a packed episode with Samoa Joe coming up here this Dade Steve Austin history this day being February seventh in one thousand nine hundred three at the Omni in Atlanta, Dustin Rhodes, Ricky steamboat and Shane Douglas defeated. Barry Windham, Steve Austin and Brian pill men in an elimination match which ended with Ricky steamboat pinning. Steve Austin after rolling through a Steve Austin cross body, then we jump over to nine hundred ninety seven and Pittsburgh on this day, Bret Hart and sid defeated Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin and a tag match finally now you have to apologize because I messed up the other day, but in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine at Madison Square Garden into your city. I said this happened on Tuesday. But it happened on February seventh Steve Austin and mankind defeated the rock and big boss fan in a rattlesnake rules match. I've never heard of a rattlesnake rules match. But I would imagine a falls aligned with a tornado tag type of match. So that's what happened on February. Seventh this day in Steve Austin history. I got my information from pro fight db dot com and the history of WWE.

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