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You know it in the same year. I'm not banking on it. If i was betting on it. I think i'm still eat to nine hundred range from coal but that's still a marked improvement over. Worried was last year and factoring in that seventeenth game. So is a lot to ask. I don't even really wanna talk about clyde Getting a thousand yards receiving. I think it's entirely possible. But i i think i think most likely edwards laird is going to be shooting for and i'm hoping for two thousand combined yards so that's something like fifteen hundred rushing five hundred receiving something like that. That is more realistic though. Sound like big numbers if you look at what he did last year. It's not that far off. Bring some numbers into this to kind of to put some context of this. So i like what you said about cloud getting into two thousand total so westbrook. Brian westbrook back in the andy. Reid eagles days. He had three separate occasions where he got to about. Seven hundred yards got to six ninety nine one year seven three one year and actually i got to seven hundred seventy one one year and now it's a different. Offense is different times. Obviously but i do think that kind of tells you that there is a cap to how much the chiefs are able to get the to the ball to the running back in the past game. The most he ever gotten with a chiefs back with six hundred ninety three jamaal charles in two thousand thirteen and so i think there is a cap to that but it does get kinda tell you that clyde could get into that seven hundred range were thirteen hundred hundred rushing yards and also news at two thousand. Yeah i could see that happening. Another argument that people have made against it is that patrick. Mahomes is not a shutdown. Thrower is not throwing a running backs in the same way previous chiefs. Quarterbacks have Previous other quarterbacks in the league might but i also think that there's some story that mahomes has learned from the way defenses have have been able to have some success against the chiefs team in taking more. What what the defense is giving you and to me. That all points at clyde average allaire again i hate focusing too much on the super bowl but i think it's had a lot of opportunities a lot of yards left on the table in that game because she's were looking for Receivers down the field and they just didn't have time to get it to them or they weren't open and one more thing on this before we go to break i. I will say. I'll make the case for hardman to get there. Two thousand real quick so two thousand nineteen. He averaged thirteen point. One yards per target right end. The average home in the three hundred homes has been the starter in the three seasons. The averaged third leading receiver on the team has averaged sixty nine targets per season. Increase a seventeen games at seventy three targets. You go thirteen point. One yards per target.

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