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Nine eleven's. Take the dead of this day, take the debt of nine eleven and multiply it by sixty seven times and that's how many people have died. Of the coronavirus. Trump new. So much could have been avoided. Is I'm recording this right now. Yesterday there were one, thousand, one, hundred, sixty. Americans, who died. From this. Yesterday in Italy, there were fourteen who died. In France thirty. Countries. That got hit hard to just like we did at the beginning but then did something about it paid attention to it. Took it seriously. But our, leader. Who had been told the truth about the virus decided not to share that with us in fact, told us to do the opposite. Don't wear a mask. This'll be over when it gets warm out. Here's a miracle coming. My friends this is murder in the extreme. No American. Other than confederate President Jefferson Davis. And his General Robert e Lee has killed more. Americans than Donald J trump think about that. Civil war six, hundred, thousand, plus dead. Thank you. Jefferson Davison Robert E Lee. were. Heading are over two hundred thousand. This weekend and we've been told by. The White House Task Force itself, this could get to four hundred thousand by Christmas. What if he had chosen to do it? Any other decent sane moral person. Would have done on informed. About this, national. Security. threat. Now you can say, well, Hey, you know trump didn't actually kill them with his own hands. Now. That's true and I can tell you for a fact. That Osama bin Laden did not fly a single one of those goddamn airplanes. So he's innocent. Trump is a mass killer. Right now my friends, it's just fifty three days. Until this bastard gets to hear the verdict. Of You the American people. The American people whose collective heart. Now crushed. Will soon rise. I believe. In my heart of hearts, it won't happen on its own. All of us have to get busy and be busy every single day. To do whatever we can do. To remove. As Mary Trump said right on the cover of her book. The most dangerous man in. America. Thank you for listening to this I. Couldn't end the day. Without sharing my feelings with you. Share Yours, with me you can send me an email. I read all my email. Mike. Dot Com. You can leave a voice message. If you want on this on this podcast platform, there's a link just you can leave me a message. And we all wake up in the morning and. Get busy do something. We all have to do something. He was happy. Donald Trump. That he saved his s save the ass of the crown prince, the murdering Crown Prince. Of Saudi Arabia. Who Killed A journalist working for one of our top American newspapers. Don't waste any time trying to convince Donald Trump supporters. His a waste of time and energy you need to spend all that energy on getting on the people who are probably not going to vote. The people that need to join you in me. And remove the son of a bitch. Thank you for listening to this my apologies for. Getting press maybe to emotional about this but I. In honor of those who died on nine eleven. We'll fix what right now..

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