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Campaigning one month before an election. Also, we look at what's the heart of barbed Italian comments about French foreign policy. Sounds drive and it's getting quite tasty. And you can keep up with the program by following BBC World Service on Facebook and Twitter state. You. Beswick age. Talk about symbolic way, where the government appointed human rights group in the countries accusing soldiers of using systematic torture crackdown on protests. Meanwhile, the opposition has demanded an end to what it said was the terror inflicted by the security forces during a week of violence sparked by a rise in fuel prices. They are responding to an offer of talks by president Emmerson Managua who urged all sides to engage in a national dialogue and said misconduct by the security forces would be investigated. We're joined now by Alex say, he's a Zimbabwe expert from the university of Kent in southern England. And he is the former advisor to Morgan Chiang Rai who was the prime minister of symbolic way from two thousand nine to two thousand and thirteen at welcome to the pro program, Alex. Thank you for having me. We should say that mortgage anger. I was the the leader of the opposition party from two thousand and two thousand thirteen your reaction to what the government appointed body. The human rights group is accusing the country of the soldiers using these the systematic torture there. The government is is has come out in defense of that. What's your reaction? What I think these bubble human rights commission has to be commended performing its constitutional mandate, which is to protect have got human rights, and the fact that they've actually come out and safeties confirms what many people have been saying victims observers human rights groups, indicating that the soldiers the military have been physically beaten up pressuring and killing people. And I think it's important to get this from a constitutional body and the government itself, I think knowledge and do the necessary, which is apologize and to deal with the culprits. Right. And now what we say. You're looking at the soldiers, and the heavy-handedness there you saw president mnangagwa's condemning that when he landed in Zimbabwe on Monday, he didn't go to Davos, he went back to the country to try and resolve situation. It indicates, oh, it's pointing to a faction. That's seems to be occurring within Zanu PF is the party splitting perhaps we saw that over the past few years. Is that split intensifying? Well, I mean, the first thing I should say the president should never the way he did after raising fuel prices knowing very well that was going to be as unrest intensive Zanu PF itself. We've been hearing this for quite a while. Now that there might be some conflicts within the party, especially the top leadership much relating to succession after twenty twenty three when Mr. mnangagwa's Fisk term supposed to end whether or not this is true. I think we'll know in the coming few weeks is unhappy of tends to come together whenever they fish. An existential threat, and we will not be surprised if they continue to make our pick up the differences and continued because all day interested in is maintaining power. But the immediate question is the question everybody's asking these who's actually in charge in Zimbabwe. Well, that's that's the golden question. Mr. Mnangagwa, disobedient face of a military government is we have saved from the beginning in November twenty seventeen. Unfortunately, the world did not listen that this was a military coup. And that's Imbaba was now on military rule. Mr. mnangagwa's this video of that. So the conflict between those who took power and the person who they installed is the leader. Perhaps we'll continue for some time. We've also had that the country seems and this is an ongoing criticism off Zanu PF that the country's hostage to the ruling elite. It's bitterly divided. It struggling do. You think the people of Zimbabwe will be able to vote again away from Zanu PF because they all such an allegiances, isn't it still to the ruling party? Well, there are some allegiances political party that has been far for so long. It maintains a strong patronage system, which means that there are people benefiting from it. But also, we must never forget that Zanu PF is very adept at using intimidation in particular in the rural areas, but I have to say that a lot of people, especially the young people have lost faith in the elections. And that's very dangerous because when people lose faith in the constitutional process through which they must choose and change leaders, then it becomes very difficult to have much in the future. A lot of young people are saying these Imbaba dream is the dream leaves Zimbabwe, which is. Okay. Alex guys, say eight Zimbabwe expert from the university of Kenton Salvin England. Thank you very much for joining us. Posse on his talk about what is usually described.

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