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Seven sixty WJR. Welcome to the Thursday. Eve addition direction say Friday edition. Don't. Yeah. Don't wanna cheat. You out of that? The weekend Laura's already out the door, mentally, so it's going to be a fun day. But that's okay. Shorty put together a great show for us to to talk about. I think we could all agree that in life, one of the cruelest of faiths that we can have is if we lose a child if there's a miscarriage, and that that is going to be one of the worst experiences that you have in that befell a couple from Iona while they were on vacation of Petoskey. So we've seen this before where one person's religious rights will collide with another person's right to service be baking the cake for the gay wedding. And now we've had an issue up in northern Michigan involving a woman from my own you who sadly was pregnant with her first child and miscarried well on vacation, and she was by her doctor prescribed a drug that would aid in the completion of that miscarriage. So that she wouldn't have to go through a DNC. The unfortunate thing is this also can be used to use an abortion. And the pharmacist at the Myron Petoskey refused to fill the prescription. And that is where we'll pick up the story with Marissa Kovach who kovic rather who is the policy strategist with the American Civil Liberties union who has taken up Rachel Peterson's cases, the woman who was denied service. Good afternoon Marissa. Good afternoon. In the mind of the ACLU. And I know you defend the religious rights of people as well. Did he have the right not to fill the prescription? Well, I think that's up to Meyer so Meyer, ten work to accommodate the personal beliefs of their employees, but they can't do that by permitting discriminatory denials of care that patience and other customers or did he fall short? What what should he have done upon saying? Look, I can't within my own conscience field is prescription. What should he have done that? You know, that's really I think that decision is up to Meyer, how they choose to accommodate the personal beliefs of their employees. But in the end, what's important is that all customers should expect the same service, regardless of who they are. And what their prescription is. And that's not the service and the care that Rachel God. When she went in seeking help at the pharmacy that day, I understood, but I mean, in most cases, the policies that these stores have, and I believe this has been up held in court is that the pharmacists, I can't feel this prescription. However, I have a colleague that can or I can send you to a pharmacy down the street. Did he try to do that? And with that have been acceptable. Well, Rachel specifically asked if there was another pharmacist, she could speak to you on staff, and he said, no. And then she asks you have for prescription transfer to another pharmacy, and he refused. Why I happen to be familiar with that Meyer and with Petoskey, and why didn't she just call her OB at that point and say, look doctor? I'm having a problem with these people admire can you please send that to the right aid. Or the Walgreens that is at the intersection of one thirty one and thirty one and I'll be able to pick it up easily. It's closer to town. Anyway, why not call her doctor and just get that script transferred on her own? Well, I think what's important to note is that this position and humiliated and demeaned her when she was going through most likely one of the worst experiences of her life. That's a shock to anyone. And she did take steps that. I think any one of us and he would have to try to get her prescription. And ultimately she was able to get her prescription. But she had to get it from the Meyer pharmacy, and I only and drive three hours. But that's what I'm trying to. Would you have to drive three hours when she could have driven two minutes to two pharmacies though? I'm sure would have been happy to fill that prescription. Yeah. Well, I think I think the most important thing to note here, though, is that she shouldn't have had to do that to begin with. And that's where we're really focused on is the hat. She should have been able to get the care. She needed at the pharmacy. So I don't want to speak to why. She may or may not have tried to get the prescription transferred. I mean what he put her through. And especially if I refusing to transfer her prescription and hold it hostage is so agree that I think she did. What she could to get the care that she needed. And. Why they answer to that was to go back to the Meyer in Iowa close to our home that was more than willing to her to service that she needs at that time. I guess I'm just kind of surprised after she had had a problem with Meyer, y whether what the relationship was why she would go back to another Meyer. I would have been pretty angry. And I would have said the heck with you and your your store going. Elsewhere. Well, the Meyer pharmacy, and I was very time departments this is very high and gave her the most care. So she was able to thankfully, get there in time and get the medicine that she needed how has Meyer answered your complaint. And what sanctions are you seeking are you seeking punishment for Meyer, or do you want punishment from the state licensing authority against this pharmacist what what would redress this? Well, we filed a complaint on behalf of our clients that Meyer was in violation of public accommodation law that she was discriminated against because she was a woman and Meyer had knowledge to receipt of that complaint. And what we're asking is that they implemented holler or enforced and existing policy. If there is one to ensure that all customers in the future received the medication they need without delay, regardless of the personal beliefs of their pharmacists, right? Yeah. I certainly we can all appreciate how emotionally draining. This was for her in that circumstance and also medically frightening. It was as well. Because without that, she would have been exposed to complication so Marisa. Thank you. We'll continue to follow the case. And we hope you'll also keep us up to date on what's happening with it. And how it's how it's resolved. Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you. Melissa kovic the policy strategist for the American Civil Liberties union, and what do you think about this? Do you think that about Meyers behavior that pharmacists behavior? Did he cross the line? And how do we need a law here to make it ironclad about what that pharmacists expectations, and what this customer's expectations should be.

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