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"tyler badie" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"We go rolling. From the athletes flagship of giants baseball. Here's an who at extra badge bag early on six eight scores lease. You're now free to talk. And the I want, I'm a want to get right to the point of this, and the no full play just right. Is true. You wanna four play around. And he does that make you feel better the introduction. I don't need the open. I mean, I guess I respect the efforts of the people that may be open. So, I guess in deference to them. All right. Or maybe, there's something contractual that I've thought of wearing, but, you know, can be, you know, just what's up. I got you since I asked that before Larry called me out for not wanting to follow the, the protocol are you a one format? Format go have another meeting at grab yourself. While you're in there got a four my God, what's going on? Two F P. You have personality. Now, he's a robot anyway. The, the question Andy are you. And I say this with semi amount of respect. Are you a one trick pony or? On baseball. Or can you delve into like we, if we were in a bar, could you talk about the NBA? What's going on with the warriors and the draft? Or you just limited to. He's in the squat I love it. I love with a semi amount of respect. And I'll tell you what nothing. Nothing beats mutual. My major. No. Meagre mutual respect in. Way. Larry's red we've never hung out. We probably never will hung out, but as two men as to professionals we go about our job in respect each other. Apparently, Larry, you gotta go to a bar with some Marietta cheese, and dance on the ceiling Andy, and I are iron about that. Go ahead, sir. Well, you know, I'm a fan of rich music, like anybody else all night, long say, you say me. Really? But you know what? I probably can Richard music, or intelligence that I could talk about baseball sports. Do you like the warriors situation? Commodores fan. Okay. Well without Lionel Richie, you're still a Commodore fan. As you well know, they went into St. state, they met, they met there, right at the Commodore eight. Yeah. Anyway, so Andy for this. Do you know anything about the warriors who no? Impressions, the Commodores. People get ready. There's a train a-coming used to be little Anthony, and the impressions. And then he dumped him as you well know, but. Get Curtis Mayfield. Dump little little John. However. Still the greatest in my lifetime, the greatest album that I were over and over again with Curtis Mayfield. Superfly still fantastic. But enough of that. Andy will we store sale on? Okay. Now you're reading your. On my on my music on my apple music. Got it in my repertoire, my gosh, Andy. What we saw beady last night. Can he keep that up or was this just a nice flash? And the as a big question, Mark still on this guy because he looked great last night. Yeah. I think that probably both are true is good flash. It was a good a win for him. So he's been chasing for a long time. Larry's playing something right now for you. So good. And who is this the Commodores, but without Lionel Richie? No. All right. Anyway, back to Tyler Badie, the big righthander, by the way. How tall is he? We were arguing. I thought he's like six four. How big is he? I think he's six two listed six two. Okay. Can you be a little taller than that maybe six three but, you know, I mean he worked five you're not gonna lose, you know, really white facing the dodgers walking five batters but allowing only three hits Kirpal such a good pitch through thirteen of nineteen for strikes. And it only one of them was put in place. So that tells you a really, really good pitch. And when you can get in council curveball, especially if he can work down really be effective against almost anyway, the dodgers were what twenty eight at home. And I think they were like thirty three and fourteen and right handed starter. Can he be an ace? Yeah. I mean, he's got a lot of work to do in terms of command because he didn't have his best, but he's still found a way through. And so, you know, I think that there's a lot of polishing PS to do and Willie ever be able to do that. I mean it's, it's kinda rare that pitchers stucco as long as he has commanded, all of a sudden figured out quick Matic's that just doesn't happen very often. But for now, you know what this is a year where I think, in the past Tyler had four starts to long relief appearances an eight year reign did going into last night in pasturing teams would have been banished AAA and they probably wouldn't have seen again. But we know that this is a different sort of paradigm this season. You know, the have to try to learn about people. They're gonna give chances to struggling players trying to establish themselves. So tyrod has gotten more chances and last night, you know, for for whatever it was worth. He made the most of it, and it was a big night for him. So good for him. And and and but the proof is in doing it again. And again and again like you say so. I don't think that he has quote unquote arrived, but, you know, it certainly wasn't a really good night for him in, in portended for maybe some better starting competitive starts head because last night was the fourth day of twenty days in a row without an off day and you just can't afford no matter whether you're competing or contending or not contending you can't afford for your starting pitcher to get dive on business fourth inning. And all of a sudden chastening so that was important to him to give show that he can go out and give them a competitive start. But, but get for six it was an amazing Wayne, if you really think about it the giants got their last hit of the game in the third thing about that. How many games can you win win? The last hit you have and the game is the third inning. But that's how good Beatty was. That's a good Dyson has been Watson got through his sinning. And we'll Smith is just freaking lights out right now. But I sit there and give you a little bit of a clap because I tell you, I always appreciate the person who. Hustles who does a little bit more than what's asked to them, and I was list driving around this week, and listen to you, I think with maybe Martin Muri discussing you went out to Stockton to go watch the miners to go watch AJ puck, Joey Bart. You know, basically it was it was it was like four great players who was Lazardo and punk for the as it was bar and Rama's for the giants all in one game. And, you know, you're out there minor leagues probably sweat, and pretty good driving out there. I'll tell you as from, as somebody who reads your stuff. I appreciate the effort. Tell us what you got out of that experience. And of those four guys who who your eyes, the most you make that sexy vandy a little shorter. I know. Yeah. Usually, I'm ripping Andy. I'll give all suck when I need to suck. But. Very strange segment. Who is first of all, that was great idea, who's your idea to go out there, but that's really cool that you did it. And who of those four guys, you know, those are four guys who could be stars in this market baseball wise, for the decade ahead who who really surprised me. I didn't wanna go damn. Pledge sports me. Every second sense. Is it true Andy that you went on your of your own volition? Here's here's the company. Here's the company Saturn for the day. Take it up to stock. And by the way, it's four hours in traffic to get there. No, no. It was my because I saw that puck in Arna were both making their season debuts, and these guys are the future of as their by foreign every publication their prospects. Pitchers. Joey BART's back in every publication, those are the top prospects. It was really the future baseball of the future. Giants baseball. And I want to see what that looks like that was a lot more compelling and interesting than you know, the dodgers playing the Padres that night. So, so. Yeah, so I went out there and just sorta got a flavor for everything. What was really cool is the, the as treated Lazaro almost like it was a spring training game. They let the media myself and some of the local media there talk to pumpkin like the fifth inning and Luzardo in the seventh inning. They came out of the game. So I got to actually interact with them, and talk to them more than just, you know, a perfunctory quote after the game. So so that was nice. And I'll tell you what was order was the most of because not only does he have really stuff. He was quick pitching guys guys up. I mean you can tell the guy who has a real deal for pitcher. And I asked him about that. Well, I thought it double as, especially for a couple of times, I could feel they're kind of timing fastball, which menu on our, by the way. A little wrinkle in Detroit to mess with their timing bit. And he he's not even getting into trouble, yet he's already thinking about I had to the next adjustment is going to have to make. I think this kid is going to be fantastic and talking to as people's best bidding prospects moulder. Maybe so. Yeah. The as are banning about five hundred right now. But if they stay in this race, they bring some of these guys up, you know, this could this turn they could be a team that takes off in the second half quick response. Because we're out of time here, we were having so much fun cavalierly enjoying your travels. I my mention watching the television last night. Giants dodgers. Is that rivalry dead? Oh, heck no that. In fact, I think the one seven six six years the dodgers division every year. Nobody there. There was the buzz. The take is dead. No, no. I, I just I we were talking about the old days in Lasorda in this, or that, where people got just no matter what place you were in, in your in your division. There seemed to be Jewish for every giant dodger game. There would use last night in that ballpark. I mean some maybe not as much as around the mound, you know, certainly, providing some there was they were playing like splash sounds excellent moved about. So they were they weren't definitely, you know, I think dipping in into that a little bit and poke the cage and it'll be interesting last game. But, but, you know, in terms of competitiveness, it really is remarkable every single year. The season series is eight and eleven eleven eight nine ten I mean these other real even I think nine of ten games this season have been at a tide or one run games after the seventh inning. So even with the dodgers winning six straight division, titles over that span. The giants, I think are fifty five and fifty. I just back off take seriously. Beggarly says it's still a hot rivalry. No matter what the records are. I'm back off the take still. But, but, but a heck of a lot more dodger fans in San Francisco than I've ever seen. I think we can agree on that right back on the tag now. Okay. Okay..

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